Best Me Details & Sign Up

If you are ready ???

are you excited ???

are you interested even if just a little ???

to get started with this project let’s cover the details and get your application in today!

Here are a few things to consider:

(I will be the first to tell you this is still in design mode – because I decided to act on my prompting and not wait for the perfect time with the perfect website designer and the perfect graphics and the perfect text and the perfect plan all thought out… because I’m taking the leap to trust this is more needed in real life than it is needed for it to be perfect – Please leap with me in trust!)

Applications only accepted until January 10th – then the it will be locked down, with a possible reopening every 30 or 90 days, I haven’t decided yet what would be best for everyone. So that is TBD when it will become open for application again.

Does it cost to participate? Yes, because I would like to be able to keep the content fresh and useful (not a prerecorded type of program for me) as well as make some fun prizes and challenges that you can earn some of the money back by earning points with various types of ways to earn points. (Meaning – this is not just about losing weight, it is about a bigger picture of health and mindset changes.)

What is the cost? Simple $1 each day – 90 tracked project = $90 for the 90 days. The plan is at least half should be coming back into the group as prizes, earn backs and fun stuff. So we will see how this progress – lots of ideas floating around in my head (and suggestions will be accepted).

What is the 30 challenge? The 30 day health challenge within the 90 day project. We will get health focused 10 days each month for 3 months = 30 days with in the 90 days. This is not a 30 straight cleanse, fast or diet plan. It is a way to take healthy steps together over the course of the next few months.

I’m hoping we can grow together and try some new tools to create our Best Me’s that we can! Have other questions – let me know!

The Best ME Project Application

Requirements to be considered…

  • must have smartphone or computer with internet access (duh right?)
  • will need a way to monitor weight, steps and other health markers
  • must not have a lot of extra free time or personal chefs (😃)
  • be willing to download and create a free account with “Flock” – a way to keep our group off Facebook (where it can so easily get lost and forgotten about = too many fb groups)
  • must still give a damn and want to continue to improve many parts of life – not willing to accept status quo
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