The Best ME Project

Welcome to The Best ME Project.

This might just be the turning point of you future of health, of wellness, of getting back to your fun side. It might very well be the boost, the jump start and the kick in the ass that you’ve been needing. (Yes, I said ass and I’ll likely say it again.) THIS might just reach into the deeper parts of you, drudging up the deep and hidden you bringing new life and new energy… and a new mindset. #bestmeproject

And it might not – only you can make that decision, and that’s why you get a say in how this project and our next 90 days together – works, fits, and develops. Welcome to The Best ME program – that’s why it’s called ME, so when you read it, it applies to well, ME! 😃 (catch that stealthiness of mindset shifts already?) I want you to own this – to be ready to make changes in your life that you’ve probably been resisting. To commit to becoming the Best version of yourself.

I write this as I’m eating leftover Chicken Con Crema, one of my favorite Mexican food indulgences… What’s my point? Life happens and I’m not perfect – hell, some days I’m not even good!

So I want you to know what NOT to expect – I’m not the perfect dieter, nutritionist, life coach kinda gal (in fact I’m sooooo far from all that)… it’s really pretty simple – I am just a busy working mother who wants to do better… who has had a nagging thought for a few years now that it is likely that others want to do better also.  Better, without being heavy sold a do-or-die program, where every part of my normal life is a cheat day, no food only shakes, or nothing processed only chicken and broccoli, or the no no diet (so many no no no no no’s that you really don’t know what IS actually allowed) or memberships to an out of date, unrealistic and likely hard to follow with a family, life, or job type of coaching program. We’ve all seen the ads with their promises – make $10 million in 10 days, lose 5 inches of fat in 5 hours…. and other outlandish health, fitness, mindset, coaching programs. This is not anything like that.

If fact, I will offer no guarantees because there are no promises; I can only share what I know: there are no results unless you put the work in. And I know the same goes for me as well. My work will provide my results. Your work will produce your results. BUT what if the work becomes easier – with better focus – what could be accomplished?

So who am I and what can you expect?

I am simply someone who wants to be better at doing the things that make me feel like the best ME that I can be. And I am someone who likes to bring others along. So if this is something that makes you think – yeah ok, that sounds nice or decent or at least not too painful. Let’s do it jump aboard with me! If you are someone expecting a hard core eating plan and detoxing out everything out of our lives from toxic food and people in the next 8 hours and never look back, as nice as that sounds, that’s not what we are gonna be doing (right away). I’m coming from the background and theory that by taking small steps one can cross the highest of mountains.

Things that we are going to work on together… in our private safe place group.

  • Physical Health & Fitness –
  • Positive Mindset –
  • Personal Goals Achieved –
  • Personal Blocks Banished –

Get ready to answer these type of questions: Where are you currently? Where do you want to go? What would stretch you without creating burnout? What brings positive motivation to your life? What has worked and what hasn’t worked???

Get ready to do a little work on you, focused, easy and well worth it.





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