Welcome, this is a special purchasing option for our friends and family to purchase 2019 stock show event tickets at a great discount. The National Western Stock Show is in Denver January 12th through January 27th.

We are collecting payment through FRIENDS AND FAMILY PAYPAL 
at this link PayPal.Me/DavidEberhard  Or cash upon ticket delivery. Once spoken for tickets are removed from availability so please don’t change your mind as it doesn’t give us time to find someone else who could use and enjoy the tickets.

We LOVE to go to stock show a couple times for the rodeos and found that it can get pricey and decided to try the season ticket approach last year – we enjoyed also extending our savings on the rodeos with you!!!

Our tickets are located in Section 113 Row 9 #10-13 (four seats). Prices are listed per seat, for each event posted in the location label. We tried to keep the prices at or lower than the listed price on the NW website. And then here you don’t have to pay the extra processing fees – whoo hoo!!! (which is close to $5 each ticket and $3 each order, so an order of four tickets with us could save you roughly $23 right away!)