This #healthismorethanjustfood is a recurring topic of my personal blog where I will share about something that has become seriously close to my heart. Something I was very much unaware of or ignored for some time – the amount of chemicals we ingest in our body that is not through our food… it’s through our cleaning products, body care and household goods. How Scary! My eyes have been opened to the world of safer products that don’t cost more than was I was previously using. The information is out there. And I’m proud to say that I am working with a manufacturer that holds our health and our needs as a priority in their world, and not just focused on their bottom line.

My parents had a different lifestyle growing up than their parents – I have also had a different lifestyle growing up than my parents, and I already see that my children (one little one currently) will be growing up with some major differences than my own childhood. And I do not want disease to be one of these differences. So I have been trying to cut out the disease causing toxins that are in our house and in our food, and amping up the nutrition quality and nutrients we eat.

#healthismorethanjustfood  it is about life.

#healthismorethanjustfood let me show you more



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