Today: I showed up

Today, I took a leap. I took a step and it took a little bit of courage.

I showed up today.

Instead of thinking and saying I want to … I did. ItΒ honestly didn’t take a lot and it wasn’t the most important thing in the world – but it was important to me.

I showed up, for myself – when I wasn’t sure if I could.

I’m transitioning and adjusting my outlook and world. I’m excited.


Breakfast day zero


Some days you just gotta start somewhere!! Today you’re invited to join me on a weight loss challenge day zero- ask me how to start today!! Vitality Weight Loss System. 

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And if you were wondering how breakfast tasted. It was toddler approved!! So you know it had to be good πŸ˜‰ 


Perfect10inTen, Day Zero

Yummy Breakfast, Day Zero

Some days you just gotta start somewhere!! Today you are invited to join me on a weight loss challenge, day zero – ask me how to start today!! Check out the details here at Vitality Weight Loss Challenge.

Anyone who is interested in starting this week with me – we are working towards a pretty amazing goal of losing 10% of our body weight in ten weeks. It’s tough. It’s doable. And it’s a challenge we can do together.

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Join me before Oct 31st, 2015 and I will give you an extra incentive to help you focus on your health goals. Invite 10 others to jump in with you and you can be part of our paid referral team.

And if you were wondering how breakfast tasted – it was happy toddler approved!


13 months, Breakfast & Me

For 13 months the world has been blessed with our little BEE. She is my joy and my headache. πŸ˜ƒ having a baby made me feel that anything is possible. That I am stronger than I thought I was but most of all that I was just as important and useful and loved before I was a mother as after. Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day. Mommy or not. 

   (Photo from Twitter feed)


(My backyard)

This was my favorite part of breakfast today – these lovely veggies! And getting up and making it despite my disaster zone kitchen. We tried a glutten free Bob Redmill pancake mix and both Dh and I really liked them. I did have to add a little more milk (coconut) otherwise the first one was super heavy thick. 


Not sure what lunch or dinner plans are yet but with a stocked frig of healthy veggies something yummy is bound to happen. 

I need a personal assistant /home inventory cleaner.


Laying in bed with the never ending to-do list running through my head and I’m thinking to myself that I have TOO much stuff. And with my too much stuff, I like to often donate and sell very cheap because I hate throwing out useful items that other people could be blessed with. However, I want to get rid of it quicker than current process of so super sloooooow. So here’s my question- do you know if there are personal assistant consignment helper outters that offer services that help you lighten the load in a way you can still money (Craigslist eBay Fb selling)? and of course they would make some too! And if you are good at these things share a few tips or maybe see potential in a new business adventure. πŸ˜ƒ Now hiring, inquire within.

I don’t have the time to get the perfect pictures, list the items, wait for interest and responses and then track who wants what, all while planning people to show up around our two nap a day schedule. It exhausts and frustrates me just thinking about it all. But I have STUFF to clear out and I would prefer not to just donate or trash everything. I need my closets back! I need to let some of this stuff go to someone who will love it more. Thoughts? Ideas?

Yes I’m whinnying a little πŸ˜ƒ
Yes first world problems πŸ˜ƒ
Yes I will pay you to help me πŸ˜ƒ

Tractor Pulls 2014 fun night

Tonight was a great night at the Adams County tractor pulls. We had a good day cleaning at home and the B decided to roll over from her tummy to her back twice while mommy wasn’t looking πŸ™‚ Then she went to spend the night with my parents and David and I went out with some friends. Had some good food and a couple beers and even had to leave before they were over which really was ok with us. Mom and daddy are tired. In fact he is asleep ok the futon after B went to sleep and I had to pump. πŸ™‚ do I wake him or leave him??

Rain Tonight

Today was kind of a long day. B and I took a long time to get out of the house for errands. finally this afternoon we were able to get many stops done and she was a good trooper. I am beginning pumping again in hoping to boost my milk supply this week. I’m so tired. And the rain on the roof tonight will make for a lovely lullaby.