House Dreams & Red Queen Mornings

I find myself so often daydreaming (visioning or manifesting if you will) how life would be different when we build on the property.

Yesterday, B and I would have turned left on 120th instead of right and I told her – she gets excited when we talk about the house. Although, sometimes she’s kinda disappointed that Daddy and I will be picking the colors and Red, Purple and Rainbow won’t likely be the colors for the exterior. 😃

Today, on my way back to the house after dropping off for school, I was thinking… if I was at my house – then I could fill up my coffee cup, start a load of laundry and go up to my office to start my work day. Yes, yes, this is often a similar situation while in our infirm state but it’s just not the same. Here I have to worry about waking someone up if I’m in the kitchen early, and I sometimes make coffee, but don’t want to be the only one to drink the whole pot of coffee. lol I often tell myself our mornings will be different when we move, but the largest change unless I change myself will be a longer drive!

Talk to me:

  • do you find yourself imaging those someday things in your life?
  • what are they? when will they happen for real?
  • AND are your mornings blissful and happy… or do you find yourself more like me, more the RED queen than the
    WHITE?? HA! #putyourflippingshoeson
  • how have you looked to or transformed your mornings

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I am a mother, wife, friend and dreamer. And I believe "life is better when we do it together".

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