Starting in Thankfulness

Hello Dear Ones,

I have started a new goal for April. I have a new morning routine that I’m going to be checking off my list daily. Every. Single. Day. is the goal/plan. But I don’t think I will post every day, but at least twice a week to show you that I am still around, working and being thankful for all the good and precious things in my life.

April 1st – I am thankful for the flexibility that my job offers me.

And I am also Thankful no one April fooled me.

April 2nd – I am thankful for the friends and family I have who are supportive of my business and won’t let me give up when it gets difficult.

Anyone want to participate with me on this heart searching universe opening morning routine? I have it in my routine book and a timed reminder in my phone. Before 10am! Opening my heart up and not letting the little stuff by without noticing. Life is bigger and better than that!

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I am a mother, wife, friend and dreamer. And I believe "life is better when we do it together".

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