Wake up it’s 4am!

What makes you sooooo happy to be woken from your slumbers at 4am? When both your babies need you (nursing and bad dream) and your heart jumps and rejoices.

Listening to my infant wiggle and fall back asleep after nursing and watching my big girl reset and snuggle with her Ellie’s on the monitor before she drifts back to sleep puffs my heart full of joy. While waiting for them to fall asleep again I read a friend’s new blog (Jamie lovetheseBunns.wordpress.com that’s you) – It made me think me of how God must respond to our middle of the night cry outs … literally jumping out of bed at four in the morning, with hugs and kisses cuz He’s so happy to be there to comfort and love.

So many things in parenting have shown me more and more the extra efforts that My Savior goes for me. The frustration that builds and yet the parental love the overwhelms. He’s not just a big white haired old guy with a long beard on a throne for me anymore. He’s the loving Creator, impressed and in awe of His own creation most days- and even though there are some days He probably wants to squish us all it’s the purist of loves that won’t ever let that happen. Who in the same second when He may have to scold us, He’d also take a bullet for us and give his life so that we may live… parenting reminds me so much of the love of Christ I’m blessed to have the reminder.

Ps They won’t be little forever. And I want them to call out for me for sooo many many many more years. #mommyismyfavoritename #momfallsasleeplast #Godsloveisbigger

Pss don’t worry if there are errors or run on sentences, it’s early and I’m tired. #yawn


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