Ten Random Pictures

Speaking of being the best me I can be… I need to get better at surrounding thing that make me happy… No matter what the judgers will judge and the nasayers will say! Here are ten random pictures that make my day!! 

Have a Damn Happy Friday!



Don’t be mean. Be defiant. 

Someone close to me recently told me I was fat. And not like a little fat. Like damn girl you fat! Fat. But I’m not fat. I’m sexy. Attractive. Pretty. Funny. Kind. Smart. And so many other things. Now I’m not saying that I’m skinny or thin. And wouldn’t even say healthy. But I’m not fat. I have fat. Too much of it in fact. And I’m gonna work hard at beginning to rid my body if it, because I want to be healthier not for you or your silly skinny pants sizes, but for my family and to make sure my chances are strong of seeing my baby girl grow up and even my future grandchildren. My weight is not something personal with you don’t act like it is. I am still me. Inside all this body and even without all this body. I don’t care if I’m a head in a jar. I’m still me. And this year. I’m gonna start loving more of me. And less of what you think of me. And that starts with Doing what makes me the best me that I want to be. 

And today the best me is in her bra showing off her sexy not her fat and of course her defiance.