Forgiving Faults of My Own

Forgiveness in any relationship goes a long way.

When we choose to allow and accept that others have different kinds of baggage than we do, we grow as a person and get stronger.

Honesty is it fair to be unpacking their suitcase if they haven’t invited you?? No. I even hate it when TSA does it, omg someone touched my undies. Ew. And omg they saw my undies. 

So why would it be fair for us to get all up in someone else’s biz? (Disclaimer: this does not, Not apply for self destructive actions or abusive situations.)

When we judge those in situations that could happen to us, we show our weakness and disconnect from true reality. 
Reality is. People. Aren’t. Perfect. 

So why are you trying to make them?? 

(You thought I was done huh? Nope.)

So who where you thinking about while reading this? Someone who hurt you or someone you have hurt recently? A friend? A lover? A coworker? Sounds like you are either feeling the pull to do some forgiving, looking for forgiveness from them or maybe even feeling judged by that person. While it is nice to share my blog and my words with others (and thank you to those who do!)- it is not likely going to help the situation if you send them the link and say “Look jerk face she says you age to forgive me so there. Do it!” so maybe just this time don’t share it. 

But! I didn’t even want to talk about them… I would actually like to talk about the other person who we need to forgive and who probably judges us the most out of anyone ever! Ourselves. Yep that’s it. Me. And you. 

I find it often can be so easy to lay judgment upon others for something that we could have done ourselves. Maybe even thought of doing. Maybe even did do. But even in those mean girl moments we are often likely to be meanest to ourselves. It can often be easier to forgive another person for doing something that you’ve done yourselves but haven’t delt with and forgiven yourself for yet. 

If you’ve jumped past all this and are in the But I love myself boat no matter what. Good for you. But there are a lot of men and women that aren’t yet. And I am one of them. Although over the last few years I have been able to relax on the expectations that I have on other people in my life. Sometimes I still overextend and over plan and over do and then over react when something doesn’t go the way I was expecting in my own personal world. (You ever do that?) and I get mean to myself and sometimes even act out by doing some thing that is not truly in my character. Like tell someone they are fat- ha. I would never tel a friend. Or likely even a stranger, “wow you look fat today!” So why is it that I tell myself that and listen!! Or maybe say “wow you didn’t do that one thing right you should probably never try that or something new again”…. Yep never gonna tell my daughter that so probably shouldn’t tell me self it either. 

So coming back to reality… People aren’t perfect and I (YOU) don’t have to be either. It’s ok to mess up. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to take risks and fall on your face and get up and try again or sometimes decide that risk wasn’t worth it. It’s ok to say your sorry…. To everyone. 

Even yourself sometimes. 

And it is ok to try again. Forgiveness, not judging, and self love often doesn’t just happen over night. 

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