The Next 5 years… Are gonna be BIG! 

I held off in even opening this book because I throughly I needed to sit down with my DH and plan the next five years out together. I am only a few pages in and I’m feeling empowered and hopeful as my five year plan comes together. I have never planned out farther than two years, to wrap up my college degree. Now that the degree is in hand, I decided I wanted to walk a new path one that is filled with goals, plans and supports my personal core values. 

My new I AM statement: I am a wife and mother, a college graduate who dreama big and has unlimited potential when she makes a decision. I am fun exciting crazy unbalanced chaotic thoughtful organized sexy confident and powerful. 

I highly suggest this book “5” and I can even order it for you through my greeting card and gifts company. Let me know if you want one. And take this journey with me!!! 

Without a focused solid path to adjust , fall off of, get back on and remodel where will you be in five years?? 


13 months, Breakfast & Me

For 13 months the world has been blessed with our little BEE. She is my joy and my headache. 😃 having a baby made me feel that anything is possible. That I am stronger than I thought I was but most of all that I was just as important and useful and loved before I was a mother as after. Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day. Mommy or not. 

   (Photo from Twitter feed)


(My backyard)

This was my favorite part of breakfast today – these lovely veggies! And getting up and making it despite my disaster zone kitchen. We tried a glutten free Bob Redmill pancake mix and both Dh and I really liked them. I did have to add a little more milk (coconut) otherwise the first one was super heavy thick. 


Not sure what lunch or dinner plans are yet but with a stocked frig of healthy veggies something yummy is bound to happen.