New Movie Week

Sometimes as a mommy I’ve realized there are some days that it’s just best to put in a movie and let the baby sleep in my arms. Normally this happens for her afternoon nap when honestly I should be napping with her but often that just doesn’t happen. Especially when baby is teething. All bets are off. Just good to have a backup plan. Lol

Yesterday I watched The Holiday. It’s a DVD that we’ve had for years and I’ve never watched. I really enjoyed the story and the powerful actresses.

This afternoon I watched The Unusual Suspects. Loved it and the action it provided.

Now watching, Fargo. I watched the Fargo Tv show this past year and I’m interested to see what the difference will be. I really liked the Fargo show minus the extra gore they wasn’t needed for the story. The movie already had a great live up of talent.


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