Write it Down, Make it Happen

as told… I’ve written down a few goals – random and dreamy…

Become a stock contractor.

Go to PBR in Vegas.

Homeschool my kids IF it is best for them.

Become a sucessful part time realtor.

Adobt a child.

Have more children of my own.

Write a novel series.

Earn enough money with business to cover all bills and pay off student loans.

Buy David a new truck with cash.

Retire my husband ( as he wants, – he may choose to work or retire at 55).

Build custom built home.

Help 1,000 people be better parents.

Help 1,000’s of people make more money as they desire each month.

Become church members with my husband.

Never have to “return” to traditional work with office hours, employer policies and dress codes.

Endow money to a zoo.

Endow money to a local animal resource.

Endow hospital for children.

Help woman choose life over fear.

Visit Alyssa in Chicago each year while at school.

Live on location of animal rescue?

Preach on abstinence.

Run a profitable blog and online store.

Make $100 each day.


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