Manifestation Game

Day one. I’m behind on the game but I wanna play too! 😉 my husband is also playing… We are starting like the call said no debt!!
He had a lot of fun coming up with this list this morning. After he spent his he tried to help me spend mine. Lol 😉

10,000 David’s day one
Custom cowboy Hat 1200
New Boots 300
Upgrade Speakers downstairs 1400
iPad for Jennifer 800
Dmax repairs 500
New gauges for blue truck 700
Blue truck interior & dash upgrade 900
Blue truck Windows tinted 150
Intercom upgrade for house 1000
New carpet 2500 downstairs
With 550 left purchase a 410 judge

Jennifer day one 10,000
Replace Upstairs carpet 4600
New mattress super bed 3000
New splurge sheets (2 pair of my favorite) 300
Dinner with friends. Rent Stella’s 1500
New clothes (simple stuff just local stores) 1200
Alyssa (little sister started college) school 900


Money Class: Inbox Money

I’ve fallen behind on my daily readings but I’m still focusing on money, maybe I needed a little more practice before I moved on…

Sometimes you find unexpected money, in the oddest places – today I found it in my inbox!! 🙂 I was confused but excited to get this email today.

“We noticed that you recently experienced poor video playback on Amazon Instant Video. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and have issued you a refund for the following rental(s) and amount(s): $3.99 – Son-In-Law”

Ok sweet! 😉

We use a friends Netflix and Amazon video and own a ton of movies, but I had to let my little sister see this movie before she left for college this week- and of course we didn’t have it. So I rented it, though I was kinda annoyed deep down that we had to pay for a movie with all the services we have at our finger tips. I was happy to share the rented video with my sister, and $4 bucks is nothing to worries about for us. We it watched together at my house and now looks like we enjoyed it for free. 🙂

Adding $3.99 to the money board today! Whoot! Whoot!


Tractor Pulls 2014 fun night

Tonight was a great night at the Adams County tractor pulls. We had a good day cleaning at home and the B decided to roll over from her tummy to her back twice while mommy wasn’t looking 🙂 Then she went to spend the night with my parents and David and I went out with some friends. Had some good food and a couple beers and even had to leave before they were over which really was ok with us. Mom and daddy are tired. In fact he is asleep ok the futon after B went to sleep and I had to pump. 🙂 do I wake him or leave him??