Money Manifesting

I’m starting something new today. I’m gonna start making money come out of no where!

I began a 90-day money manifesting program and I am planning to track my work and progress here. If you would like to join me, contact me directly and I will get you set up. 🙂

part a) I want more money to make ends meet and live like we lived before, when I had 2 jobs AND still be able to be a SAHM (stay at home mommy). I want to by David his toys. I want to be able to upgrade our house. I want to be able to buy new cars without payments. I want to give crazy generously. I want to have the freedom to travel and play in life.

part b) I am a stay at home mommy, bringing in MORE income than when I worked 2 jobs. I buy David and Brooklynn toys without feeling guilty. I love OWNING new vehicles. I love my clean and organized home. I give crazy generously. I have freedom to travel and spend on experiences with my family. I am building savings for my future. My business is growing daily.

part c) happy, grateful, excited, comfortable, adventurous, confident

part d) I am happy. I am grateful. I am excited. I am comfortable. I am adventurous. I am confident.

part e) I can be with my daughter, it makes me happy. I can live life without balance and be happy. I can give love away. I can give what people need, and feel grateful and excited. I can work as a mother and wife in my home, it makes me feel comfortable. I can call people on the phone and connect with my promptings, it makes me feel adventurous and confident.

Homework: Read feelings every day, do activities and record by journaling or on fb. Look at money intentions and visualize $10,001 in the bank. Focusing on what I want.

Using the principles talked about in the first lesson: I paid Cassie $913.80 for this 90 day program.


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