MMM Class Begins

I just completed the Money Manifesting course with Cassie. It was amazing! The amount of money I attracted is awesome. It feels uplifting to have fully funded my needs and dreams over the last 90 days. I have been able to make a full time income while staying home with my baby daughter. This has allowed my husband and I to get 2 months ahead on our monthly bills. We are living in abundance. We now have several thousand dollars in savings and in our checking account. We are able to spend for toys without guilt because they no longer effect our monthly budget. I learned that happiness is found from within. I learned that God is faithful and that He really does step out in amazing ways for me. I learned that when I am bold enough to be me, then I am rewarded in every aspect of life. I am surprised how easy this program was to remember to do every day. I am also surprised how quickly large amounts of money began to flow into our income stream. I am surprised how much work can get done, while raising an infant and balancing a household. I am surprised at where the money came from sometimes, but I am grateful. Looking back 90 days ago, there is now over $5,000 extra – than I expected totaling my 90 day income at $9,138. This is more than when I was working two jobs close to sixty hours a well, all while being a stay at home mommy!!! It felt great to be able to pay 10% in trusting that I would easily be able to give gratefully. I love the trust and confidence it created with my money relationships and have followed suit in my consulting business as well. I am most excited to continue this program again, and the positive thinking and manifestation practices that I’ve learned along the way. It only gets better from here.


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